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Useful Information

Local and national calls

BT divides the country into a large number of distinct geographical areas. When you make a call to a “geographical” number within the same area as your own line, or to a number within an area adjacent to your own area you will be charged at “Local” rate. You can find out which numbers you can call at Local rate in the phonebook for your location. Making calls to a number that is not within the same area as your line or not adjacent to that area, will be charged at “National” rate.

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standard Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Local calls to UK land lines 10p 10p 10p
National calls to UK land lines 10p 10p 10p

International Calls

Looking for an international call package?

Unlike other providers, we charge the same call rate no matter what time of day you call with no hidden charges. See how quickly you will save on average 90% on your international calls.

International Popular Standard Rate
Australia 10.00
Belgium 10.00
Canada 10.00
China 10.00
Cyprus 10.00
Denmark 10.00
Federal Republic Of Germany 10.00
France (Including Corsica) 10.00
Greece 10.00
Hong Kong 10.00
India 10.00
Ireland 10.00
Italy 10.00
Japan 10.00
Netherlands 10.00
New Zealand 10.00
Norway 10.00
Poland 10.00
Portugal 10.00
Russia 10.00
Saudi Arabia 28.080
Singapore 10.00
South Africa 10.00
Spain (Sp.N.Africa) 10.00
Sweden 10.00
Switzerland (Liechtenstein) 10.00
United Arab Emirates 30.480
USA 10.00

For a detailed list of all our Call Prices please download our Call Rate Card (.xls format) – click here to download (xls)

Mobile Calls

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standard Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Vodafone Mobile 10p 10p 10p
O2 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
T-Mobile 10p 10p 10p
3 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
Any other UK mobile 18p 18p 18p

0870 & UK Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-Geographic numbers are those which are not related to where the line is physically located. Such numbers include Mobile numbers, “Number Translation Service” numbers and “Premium Rate Service” numbers. Calls to these numbers are charged irrespective of where in the UK you are located.

Number Translation Services and Premium Rate Service numbers are priced on service charges, which is a pence per minute rate based on the number. All service charge rates are per minute, plus an access charge of 11p per minute.

Number Translation Services (NTS)

Many commercial or voluntary organisations choose to provide “special” numbers that their customers can call and for which the charge for making the call will be the same wherever you are calling from in the UK. Many (but not all) such numbers begin with 084. These calls attract different charges depending on the number dialled. 03 are charged at national rate.

PRS (Premium Rate Service)

Like “NTS”, calls to Premium Rate Service numbers are charged at the same rates wherever you are in the UK and are not priced by us. As the name implies, these calls tend to be relatively expensive to call. They host a great variety of services with great variations of charge. The cost is largely dictated by the service provider (who you are calling) to whom the vast majority of the revenue is passed. PRS numbers always begin with “09”. If you are unsure of the cost of the number you are planning on dialling please contact the service provider.