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Useful Information

Sage Pay

Sage Pay: Never Miss a Payment

Sage Pay lets you sit back and relax, knowing that your payments are taken care of. There’s no need to call or pay online each week or month when you set up Sage Pay. Sage Pay will take payments from your Debit / Credit Card automatically on a day that best suits you.

Benefits of Sage Pay

  • Automatic payments from your Debit / Credit Card
  • No need to call or go online to make payments
  • Your bank won’t charge set up fees
  • You can cancel Sage Pay at any time
  • We’ll let you know if we’re unable to collect a payment from your account
  • Your bank won’t charge you if a payment fails – a Weekly Broadband Late Payment Charge may still apply (See further detail on Late Payment Charges)

Setting up Sage Pay

  1. Decide on the best day of the week for your payment to be taken from your account, this is known as your Best Day to Pay
  2. Sign up now as part of the online checkout process at
  3. You’ll need to make the first payment on your Debit / Credit Card, the rest of your payments will be taken automatically on your Best Day to Pay