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Useful Information

Late payment charges

Weekly Broadband is introducing late payment charges for customers who do not make payments in full and on time. If we do not receive a payment in full on or before your payment date, you must pay us a late payment charge of £12.00. Only one late payment charge will be applied for each period when payments are missed, late or not paid in full under this agreement. If you miss payments on more than one occasion, your charges will be capped at £24.00 in any consecutive 5-week period and £48.00 in any consecutive 13-week period. If you miss a payment, you need to contact us to settle any payment due and to avoid your late payment charge from increasing.

Avoid late payment charges by keeping your account up to date
Reach out to us - we can help

Contact us immediately if you aren’t going to be able to make your payment. Our Customer Support Team can then discuss your circumstances and agree a course of action to get your account back on track.

Independent Debt Advice

Organisations like The Money Advice Service, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Step Change and National Debtline provide free, independent advice on how to manage debt.